A Reading List for Theoretical CS

Some nice books on Algorithms /Theory of Computation and related topics:-

1. Introduction to Algorithms  (CLRS)

2. Algorithm Design (Kleinberg/Tardos)

3. Algorithms (Dasgupta/Papadimitriou/Vazirani)

4. Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms (Aho/Hopcroft/Ullman)

5. Theory of Computation (Sipser)

6. Elements of the Theory of Computation (Papadimitriou/Lewis)

7. Randomized Algorithms (Motwani/Raghavan)

8. Combinatorial Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity (Papadimitriou/Steiglitz)

9. Combinatorial Optimization: Theory and Algorithms (Korte/Vygen)

10. Approximation Algorithms (Vazirani)

11. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (Nielsen/Chuang)

12. Convex Optimization (Boyd/Vandenberghe) this is available online at this Stanford site.

13. The Probabilistic Method (Alon/Spencer/Erdos)

14. Elements of Information Theory (Cover/Thomas)

15. Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach (Arora/Barak) A draft of the book is available at this Princeton site.

16. Probability and Computing (Mitzenmacher/Upfal)

17. Concrete Mathematics (Graham/Knuth/Patashnik)

18. Graph Theory (Diestel)

19. Computational Complexity (Papadimitriou)


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