Sanskrit Lesson 3 – Past Tense

Past tense in Sanksrit is simple. We’ll look at it through examples.

Present tense:
I eat. =   अहं खादामि |

Past tense:
I ate. =  अहम् अखादम् |

Present tense:
Mohan plays. = मोहनः क्रीडति |

Past tense:
Mohan played. = मोहनः अक्रीडत् |

Present tense:
You read. = त्वं पठसि |

Past tense:
You read. = त्वं अपठः |

Other sentences in past tense:

I played with a ball. = अहं कंदुकेन  अक्रीडम् |

He read a book. = सः पुस्तकम् अपठत् |

You went to school. = त्वं विद्यालयम् अगच्छः |

A new verb: Go/ going/ went / will go.

He goes. = सः गच्छति |

He went. = सः अगच्छत् |

He will go. = सः गमिष्यति |

I will go. = अहं गमिष्यामि |

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