Sanskrit Lesson 1 – Present Tense

Hey, welcome to a simple lesson in Sanskrit. We consider only simple present tense. It’s actually quite simple. Once you learn a few representative sentences, it becomes a lot easier.

I read.                        अहं पठामि |

You read.                   त्वं पठसि |

He/she reads.          सः/सा पठति |

What if we now go to “eating” instead of “reading”?

I eat.                           अहं खादामि |

You eat.                     त्वं खादसि |

He/she eats.             सः/सा खादति |

Some other verbs:

play = क्रीड;   fall = पत;

Now regarding sentences which have the following form: “The Actor performed Action on the Actee”.

I read a book.                 अहं पुस्तकं पठामि |

He/she eats food.          सः/सा भोजनं खादति |

Interesting aside: How to call people by name?

If you want to call out to सीता, you can say हे सीते |

You’ll call लता by लते.

You’ll call मोहनः as मोहन, and रामः as राम. (Note that there’s no हलंत anywhere.)

Also, नदी will be called as नदि.

End of chapter. Was writing just for fun. Enjoy. Bye.


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  1. srivi019 says:

    GOOD POST. 🙂

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